Rated: 36kV (Connectors)


Suitable For: Copper (Cu)/ Aluminium (Al) Conductors 


Suitable For: Cross-linked polyethylene insulation (XLPE) insulated cables & Ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) insulated cables

11kV - Triplex joint - Triplex joint - 20383/22376

SKU: JB-11-240-TJ
  • 240mm² - 20383

    400mm² - 22376


    3x DL Insulation Tube - 380mm

    3x Anti-Track/Insulation Tube - 400mm

    3x Stress Control Tube - 400mm

    3x Outer Resin Tube - 800mm

    3x MV Connector 36kV 

    3x Screen Wire Connector

    3x Tinned Copper Mesh - 4000mm

    2x Yellow Stress Mastic 300x40x2 (3pc)

    (3x for 400-TJ) 

    2x Yellow Stress Mastic 150x20x2 (3pc)

    1x Weather Mastic 300x40x2 (6pc)

    1x Weather Mastic 100x40x2 (12pc)

    2x Lint Free - Cleaning Pad

    1x Cable Tie (6pcs)

    1x Abrasive Tape

    1x Black PVC Tape


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