HV - MV - LV  Supplies

Quality IEC Products

Smooth Installations

5yr Product Warranty

Experienced Consultancy

Prompt Service

Certified Testing 

Professional Commissioning 

Competitive Prices

3rd Generation in the HV Industry 

100⁺ Yrs Collective HV Experience

10yr Warranty for Product, Install, Test & Commissioning Package!

JB Jointing Supplies has become a key supplier of quality products for the ongoing HV projects in Australia. JB Jointing Supplies has the ability to keep up with the growing industries demands with on point pricing. Coupled with over 100⁺ years of collective HV experience, offering outstanding consultancy; To make your projects run as smooth as possible.                            


   Helping You Connect The Future!!!



Our installation manuals have been designed for simple installation with easy to follow step by step manuals. Each kit comes with one to make your job as easy as possible!



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